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}MeGarden{ are practices based on organic PLAY, EXPRESSION, EXPERIENCE and NOURISHMENT. It is a colorful, vibrant medley of self expression through voice and sound vibration, therapeutic touch, flow movement, smell and taste discovery.

Born out of a personal need due to extreme Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune's roller coaster ride and deep emotional pain, it organically took shape.

}MeGarden{ practices allow for a nonjudgmental, accepting, embracing circle for a flow of self expression of pain either physical, emotional or both recreated into hope and presence of what already is, in tune with ourselves, nature and the world around us. " as within so without". the garden already exists within you and I, forgotten, disconnected.

Through }MeGarden{ practices you reconnect with your self, nurture your awareness intrinsically to tend to your garden that it may flourish in any circumstances. That you may be the creator of your within, your energy, and move away from reaction.

Life can not be controlled, it has a flow of its own. }MeGarden{ , when practiced provides your own organically freeing expressed tools to thrive and blossom, to live a life worth living fully experienced and expressed.

Come PLAY and EXPERIENCE with us through }MeGarden{ Practice Workshops and private session practice.

}MeGarden{ workshop is a 5 week series ( 1hr - session per week) in which we dive in an inner exploration of senses, play, emotional flow and regulation of the nervous system and Alpha brain waves:



Sound vibration though voice for release and expression of emotional and physical pain influencing mental dynamics, rewiring and emotional regulation.

Day 2.Mindful Touch:

Slow, mindful effect of one’s own touching on skin and senses. The ancient knowledge of caring for one’s own temple. I matter.

Day 3. Scents and Flow movement:

Awareness of heightened senses through spices and essential oils. Allowing space for body movement as flow response.

Day 4. Henna and Symbolism:

Natural coding effect of henna on skin moving from thought to sensation/embodiment. Celebrating one’s self, extending the within to outward symbol drawing.

Day 5. Making and crafting:

Hand focus from mind to physical presence of crafting from elements such as clay, paint, plants… into a body, shape of broom, bowl, abstract expression of inner sensation and emotion. This last step arises from individual and group dynamic.





I recently had the pleasure of experiencing an energy session with Douniazed, and I must say, it
was truly transformative. As someone who has been benefiting from her healing work for a
couple of years, I can attest to her innate healing abilities, she is not only a gifted healer but also
an excellent listener who is empathetic and has great intuition.
The session started with a discussion of my lifestyle, health issues, diet, and emotional aspects.
Douniazed asked insightful questions to understand my context fully, which helped her tailor the
session to my specific needs.
After the session, I felt incredibly harmonized, with a sense of well-being in both my body and
soul. Her healing abilities are exceptional, and she creates a safe and supportive space that
allows processing even the most challenging experiences.
Thanks to her work, I have been able to process childhood trauma, which has been life-changing
for me. I highly recommend Douniazed's work, especially for those going through challenging
times and feeling destabilized. She is a professional who communicates what to expect during
and after the session, and I appreciate her willingness to address any questions or concerns that
I had. Overall, I am grateful for the experience and would recommend Douniazed's energy
sessions to anyone seeking healing and transformation.


A. Grajeda

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