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MeGarden Sessions


}MeGarden{ is a practice based on organic PLAY, EXPRESSION, EXPERIENCE and NOURISHMENT. It is a colorful, vibrant medley of self expression through voice and sound vibration, therapeutic touch, flow movement, smell and taste discovery.

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Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic touch is done both in a circle and or in solitary practice. Depending on your preference, the energies, experience and the release are different.

The purpose is for you to become comfortable in applying gentle touch and its affect on your senses by manipulating yourslef the sensory receptors on your skin, you rediscover and change the sensations the brain is receiving. This Connective practice can be used in the car, anywhere at times of stress and hopefully as a routine in your day or week nourishing your inner self with love that you can provide yourself at all times.

one's own healing touch is a marvelous rediscovery to calm the nervous system and awaken the body's healing response by releasing endorphins, a body chemical naturally relieving pain.

Depending on the class development some self massage techniques will be provided as well so you can transform your experience of pain into relief and decreasing it's affect on the mind and emotional response.


Vocalization Practice

During this weekly or bi-weekly practice you will play and utilize your own instrument, your voice and it's vibrations in a natural organic setting. We will use vowel vibration to release energy and reshape it. Expressing yourself by sounding and vibrating your body. In the principle of being vulnerable and letting go to connect the Body-Mind-Essence" into mindful awareness, reducing tension and pain perception. Qi quong movements, touch therapy as well as Reiki balancing are integrated through this process.

The voice causes subtle vibrations and influences the energy of the body and mind for chronic pain, fibromyalgia and autoimmune it translates into, feeling, listening, observing and being.

Loud vocalization produces vibration through the skull therefore facilitates metabolic products from brain into cerebospinal fluid.

​Sound vibration affects the sympathetic side of brain and improves also brain function affecting the mental dynamics of:

  • Forgetfulness and brain fog

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Difficulty making positive connections

Meditation Habit


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