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Douniazed Wong 

Certified Practitioner in Brennan Healing Sciences, BHSP
Hands of Light® Workshop Leader

Douniazed Wong is an Integrative Energy Medicine and certified Brennan Healing Science practitioner, an intensive four year accredited healing science program. She is a Voice/sound healing and experiential human senses facilitator for nervous system regulation and rewiring., as well as a Hands of Light® workshop leader.   As part of her healing journey, she realized the importance of the presence of compassionate witnessing and holding in one's healing journey of recovery. 

In her private practice she works with clients of all ages in private  sessions as well as intimate groups  to provide that sacred, gentle, trusting, compassionate and confidential space that allows the unfolding needed for healing and the deep listening to what is here to be witnessed and unwrapped. She feels honored to support the witnessing and process of the other and assist them in their unfolding, reinstating harmony and peace within cells, mind, and heart conscious being , "When the path feels lonely and has been for a long time, You are never alone."

Douniazed is a curious, ever-evolving, ever-unfolding/learning  being, having a wild and crazy human ride. She practices in Colorado Springs, Houston and through remote sessions with clients across the U.S., Canada, France, Morocco and  around the world. With her background as an interpreter (French, English, Arabic and Northern African Dialects) she  connects with clients in different cultures. 

She received her Master's degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Saint Thomas  in Houston (TX), along with certification in Mediation and Conflicts Resolution. As a consultant for individuals with autoimmune conditions and their families she supported her clients as well with Autoimmune  Protocol  (AIP) implementation along with lifestyle adjustment  through her own personal experience.  She  recovered herself  from chronic pain and autoimmune diagnostics and has been through a difficult CIRS ( Mold Illness) journey with her  family. The wave of life  took her through a path of self discovery  and learning including;  Therapeutic Touch, Continuum movemen, somatic therapy and experiencing, dance and trauma, healing power of herbs and food as medicine, Nature and Grief release, Craniosacral, Sensorial Arts and Voice/sound healing therapy.   

Her healing journey started many years ago,  diagnosed for a second time with Hashimoto's Autoimmune (first in 2003), Fibromyalgia (first in 2006) and adrenal fatigue. it culminated in May 2015 when she experienced  extreme chronic pain; She was unable to use her lower extremities for a few weeks and lived in extremely atrocious chronic pain on the left side of her body, limbs and jaw for a couple of years. so exhausted she couldn't sleep or function. "A pain so extreme, I wanted to pull my jaw and limbs apart." She was told initially by multiple doctors, that there was nothing else to be done but to take antidepressants or auto-immune suppressants. She pushed through as high functioning individual and researched all facets of natural health and healing related to the body and functional medicine that can help her be there for her children and family.

Her mantra is "I believe that the being/body has the innate ability to heal itself". The healing might take a different shape than what you think it should  look like.  Through her difficult exploration of health and healing she was grateful to have been led to those who held the space  for her with gentleness, curiosity, education,  and patience. 

Now after her recovery, from a debilitating health crisis of physical pain and inner suffering, she is honored to serve those who are in need of support in their journey. 


Healing Journey

It is a remembering process, a collaborative presence and witnessing  that aims to cultivate our ability to fully be here, listen to our bodies  and their wisdom to inform us, to Guide us, to manifest. It has been there all along. 

I work  with clients around the world and  in multiple languages. It is an honor  to walk with you  in part of your journey of remembering and allowing your inner  intelligence to unfold in your own healing in whatever way that may look like for you. creating lasting change, re-balancing the nervous system, regulating responses to life, experiencing relief and being in ease and flexibility. 



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