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The Healing Voice

January 2024 (4 weeks Series) Location: Colorado Springs

Our sessions start with some physical movements to open up the body, then some directed toning exercises using vowels and overtones, leading from there to Free toning allowing voice and sound to emerge from the sensation, emotions and stories in the body’s cellular memories and energetic field.

Once we let go of the outcome, after seeding lightly as the wind the intention of healing, The body and voice have the permission to experience and release. Through the process, breath will be used along with directed movement into free movement, allowing the deep breath from the core Oxyginating the body cells. This affects the physiology in various ways, by removing the carbon dioxide, increasing the quality of the blood and oxygenating the brain increasing clarity and presence, shifting from Beta brain waves to Alpha and Theta and regulating the sympathetic nervous system.

Toning is the Freeing and Releasing of the Body-Voice unhindered by the mind.

- Laurel Keyes


The Healing Voice: The Power of Toning and Vibrational Harmony

- Research Project by Douniazed Wong

THE HEALING VOICE The Power of Toning and Vibrational Harmony Research
Download PDF • 934KB

Workshop Participants Experience

“I could feel the vibrations through me. There were times when we were singing and I could feel it through my feet, other times when we were bringing the energy back to us, I could feel it in my heart, while other times when we were sharing the energy through singing I could feel it at my fingertips.”

“ It helped me voicing my perspectives in business at home and also at home.”

”Becoming more at peace with myself. and more comfortable with the group. Trusting.”

“ It was beautiful to get to a point where we were unconsciously harmonizing.”

“I found some of my voice, I lost my voice as gotten older. Felt oneness and happy when was done. Felt nice to surpass the discomfort. Felt less schizoid , peaceful.”

“I was not here, then felt vibration of sound when was harmonizing, calm, peaceful grateful.”

Audio sharing of Workshop participants’ experiences





I recently had the pleasure of experiencing an energy session with Douniazed, and I must say, it
was truly transformative. As someone who has been benefiting from her healing work for a
couple of years, I can attest to her innate healing abilities, she is not only a gifted healer but also
an excellent listener who is empathetic and has great intuition.
The session started with a discussion of my lifestyle, health issues, diet, and emotional aspects.
Douniazed asked insightful questions to understand my context fully, which helped her tailor the
session to my specific needs.
After the session, I felt incredibly harmonized, with a sense of well-being in both my body and
soul. Her healing abilities are exceptional, and she creates a safe and supportive space that
allows processing even the most challenging experiences.
Thanks to her work, I have been able to process childhood trauma, which has been life-changing
for me. I highly recommend Douniazed's work, especially for those going through challenging
times and feeling destabilized. She is a professional who communicates what to expect during
and after the session, and I appreciate her willingness to address any questions or concerns that
I had. Overall, I am grateful for the experience and would recommend Douniazed's energy
sessions to anyone seeking healing and transformation.


A. Grajeda

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